Fighting Team Program

The Fighting Team program is dedicated to training and molding students into fighting champions at the State, National, and International level. Lead by U.S. National Team Member Luis Reyes, members will learn the "Progression" method of Taekwondo sparring.

Students will perform practice drills and have actual sparring sessions on a regular basis, as well as frequent practice with the "Ringmaster" electronic scoring system. There are three different divisions of this program geared toward age and ability.

The A-Team class is fast paced for our more advanced fighters competing in ages 14 and above. This curriculum will prepare athletes for National and International level competition. This class is the least instructional but will provide a great opportunity for the highly skilled and motivated athlete to train with Senior and Junior National Champions in addition to training with our Masters, Sir Luis, Sir Manny and Ma'am Akiko. This class is focused on strategy, mental training, and physical conditioning; and, is geared to the student who wishes to train like an Olympic athlete.

The B-Team class is mainly for our 11-13 year old students. This class is instructional but faster paced and geared toward the younger World Class fighter. This class covers intermediate to advanced sparring drills and techniques.